Millennium Falcon

Are you a Star Wars fan? Or are a lover of Millennium Falcon? I believe you are and that’s the reason you have landed over here. Over here, you are gonna see some of the greatest Star Wars battleships. It brings back very good memory to see a list of battleships and the firepower of each different spacecraft that can give. There are many amazing spacecrafts which ranges from small to very big.

Millennium Falcon is one of the very big spacecraft found in the Star Wars movies. All thanks to George Lucas the creator of Star Wars, we can see so many exciting movies and battleships. The Millennium Falcon is actually a modified YT-1300 spacecraft. It was first appeared in Star Wars IV : A New Hope in 1977.

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Millennium Falcon

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Lego Star Wars: Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon #10179 is one of the most sort after spacecraft in Star Wars movie. Han Solo the smuggler has not just commanded Millennium Falcon, but he has steals the heart of many fans into admiring the gigantic spacecraft. Many fans just can’t miss the very sight of the big and stout spacecraft.

Just for the record, Lego’s Ultimate Collector Series has shook fans with the largest ever released set in the history. Yes, you will be in for a ride to know that there are over 5000 pieces of Lego pieces for you to build the Millennium Falcon. Be patience and enjoy this journey of building your biggest and gorgeous spacecraft ever. Many would admired this beautiful spacecraft but only a few lucky one would own.

Yes, to the passer by, Millennium Falcon would seem expensive. But to a real fan, this Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon #10179 is worth every single pieces of the pennies. Just look at highly skilled, designed and quality of the spacecraft, one would know  that it will stood the test of time.  Be prepared to fetch this piece of art for price worth many times more in years to come.

The fact about the Millennium Falcon is that it is built exactly like the one in Star Wars movies except to a scale down version. That is to say that this minifigure looks totally stunning like the real thing except to a smaller scale. This mini ship is actually more than 33″ long, 22″ wide and 8″ tall or (84cm long x 56cm wide x 21cm tall).

You can enjoy the 5 original characters, Hans Solo, Chewy, Obi-Wan, Luke and Princess Leia. Well, I mean the minifigures that comes with the spacecraft.

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Grab your friends to build this Lego Star War Set 1079, Millennium Falcon. Have great fun and joy during the building up of this gigantic spacecraft together. Be prepared to spend about 50 strong bonding hours to build up this battleship with your loves one.

Star Wars movies are real interesting and most of the time, everyone will remember the gorgeous Millennium Falcon. However there are some of the memorable spacecraft and characters that can found in Star Wars movies are Star Destroyer, Jedi Starfighter, Death Star, Republic Cruiser. Do you still remember Star War General Grievous and the amazing General Grievous Starfighter?


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