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Star Wars movies are sure one of the most popular franchise in the movie industry. Now, Star Wars Movies in DVD and Blu-ray are one of the best ever collector items. From the earliest to the current release movies, crowd have gathered to grab hold of the magnificent DVDs and Blu-rays to let their younger ones to experience one of the best scientific movies ever created.

Star Wars Movie DVD Blu-ray

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Perhaps,  some love the scene whereby Darth Vader vs Luke Lightsaber duel in Jedi? Or rebel assault on the first Death Star in Episode IV? How about Millennium Falcon asteroid chase in Empire?

Actually, I love some of the great moment such as Yoda fighting scene. He might be small as compare to Jedi. He is sure super fast and capable to attack and defend himself from the Darth Vader – The Dark Side.

To capture some of your wonderful and great memories, do remember to collect some of the nice Star Wars Movies in DVD and Blu-ray. Yes, I might be in my 40’s, but I remember that when i was a kid, I really like the wonderful Lightsaber that dad bought.

Come and have look on Star Wars General Grievous, General Grievous Starfighter, Republic Cruiser, Star Destroyer and Jedi Starfighter .

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